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Leila Jay Bishop is walking in front of two harps, one light brown with a floral decal on the soundboard and one black with a light brown soundboard. The harps are in a V facing each other. Leila has bobbed hair and is wearing a gown.


A focal point of my teaching approach is the development of a holistic technique. I emphasize that the correct way to play the harp is one that not only produces beautiful sound but also feels good and promotes overall well-being. To achieve this, I combine French harp technique with mindfulness and yoga practices. By incorporating mindfulness techniques into our harp playing, we can connect deeply with the music, find joy in the learning process, and prevent injuries. I am dedicated to nurturing my students' physical and mental health to help them become well-rounded musicians who can enjoy a lifelong journey with the harp.


Students are encouraged to explore and play the music that resonates with their artistic goals. I firmly believe that the harp is a versatile instrument capable of expressing a wide range of musical styles. Whether students are interested in performing, improvisation, or arranging, I am committed to supporting and guiding them in their chosen path. While certain pieces may be assigned to teach specific skills, I strive to work collaboratively with each student to identify and include pieces that they genuinely desire to learn and perform.


As an educator, I recognize the importance of music theory in enhancing a student's overall musicianship. Therefore, I incorporate both theory and ear training exercises into our lessons. The depth and breadth of theory instruction are tailored to the individual needs and interests of each student. My aim is to empower my students with the theoretical knowledge and listening skills that complement their harp playing and open new avenues of musical exploration.


With a diverse background in teaching theory in classroom settings, coaching chamber ensembles, and providing private instruction to students of all ages, I have gained valuable insights into tailoring my teaching methods to suit the unique needs and learning styles of each individual. I approach each student with patience, empathy, and encouragement, fostering a supportive learning environment that nurtures growth and creativity.


Accessibility and inclusivity are at the core of my teaching philosophy. I firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of playing the harp regardless of their financial circumstances. To ensure that harp lessons are accessible to all, I offer a sliding scale fee structure. If a student is passionate about learning the harp but faces financial barriers, I am also committed to assisting them in finding a suitable instrument, so they can embark on their musical journey with confidence.


I wholeheartedly invite any prospective students to reach out with any questions they may have about my teaching approach, the harp learning process, or the studio in general. Open communication is essential to building a successful teacher-student partnership and ensuring that every student feels comfortable, valued, and inspired to excel on their musical journey. I am thrilled to guide and witness my students' growth and achievements, and I look forward to the privilege of helping them discover the wonders of harp music.

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